Care Management technology to support care excellence

Our solutions support the complete care commissioning cycle – assessment, scheduling visits, real-time care visit monitoring, recording and sharing of outcomes, financial management, as well as delivering comprehensive management information and business intelligence. HAS Technology also have solutions that help with the bigger challenges facing the market, like effective market shaping and prevention/ self-management.

All of our care management, care scheduling and care monitoring solutions are available on a mix-and-match basis and we’re experts at system integration.

CM Electronic Monitoring

Knowing how your service is performing in real-time is key to quality delivery. Electronic visit monitoring does much more than make sure care visits aren’t missed or running late. It delivers a wealth of information that helps with safeguarding and ensures Service Users are getting the right care to meet their needs. It’s also a great tool for ensuring complete transparency on payment for services. We’ve got lots of easy ways to record visits, including using the Care Workers’ existing mobile phones to log arrival and departure.      

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CM Finance Manager

With the majority of state-funded home care delivered by third-party Providers, Councils need a quick and efficient way of managing the numerous invoices this generates.

CM’s Finance Manager is a unique and powerful tool for arbitrating and automating Provider payments and Service User on-billing. Finance Manager allows you to manage by exception, providing increased financial governance, reducing queries, and speeding up payment for cash-strapped Providers.  Finance Manager delivers the best results when combined with CM’s monitoring solution, but if your Providers are using a variety of solutions, we can still help you make sense of the finances.

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CM Scheduling

CM’s care scheduling allows Care Coordinators to quickly and easily roster staff, saving valuable time. It makes best use of your capacity and helps ensure any salaried Care Workers are fully utilised. 

When using CM’s Scheduling with our Mobile Workforce Solution (MWS), Care Workers receive real-time schedule updates direct to their mobile phones.

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Market Management

Supply chain risk mitigation in a fragile social care Provider market

PAMMS (Provider Assessment and Market Management Solution) is a unique service, from HAS Technology, that brings together market intelligence and market shaping tools and services to support social care commissioners, care providers and the people who use social care in England.

PAMMS is proven to increase care quality and service sustainability in an increasingly fragile market through a range of technology-based services.

Developed with ADASS East Region, PAMMS is already transforming the way Councils assess, manage and benchmark care services, and can be used regardless of what other systems you have in place.

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The number of hospital admissions due to an older person falling is set to rise to nearly 1000 a day by the end of the decade. Yet an analysis of falls prevention initiatives showed a reduction in hospital admission of 29%, and financial returns of £3 for every £1 spent. (source: Local Government Association).

Now’s the time to invest in falls prevention initiatives. ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling with innovative wearable technology, and health and social care data, providing a powerful tool to identify risks earlier in the care cycle, including the risk of falling.

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Actionable data at your fingertips

CM’s business intelligence tool, CMBI, empowers you with data to facilitate service improvements, deliver cost savings, and generally identify areas of interest.

Whether you need a better understanding of demand and capacity, insight into the Service User’s journey, quality data for contract management, or benchmarking information, there is a wealth of performance data available.

CMBI allows quick and easy access on a self-service basis and delivers actionable insight at the touch of a button. The automated reports save significant man-hours that may have been spent manually gathering data: an example of this being freedom of information requests. The outputs allow management by exception, so resources can immediately be focused on areas of concern.

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Supporting your outcomes commissioning journey

Whilst the benefits of outcomes-based commissioning are well-accepted, finding meaningful and workable ways of implementing them in practice is still challenging.

Moving to outcomes-based commissioning for reablement services is relatively easy. The biggest challenge is adopting outcomes-based commissioning and payment across services delivered by external Providers, which involves a major change in practice.  

CM have been supporting Councils on their outcomes journey for over 5 years. Our innovative Outcomes Assessment Platform is allowing Councils to deliver a powerful combination of time / attendance data and progress towards outcomes. This ensures the right care is delivered at the right time.

To access a copy of our Outcomes White Paper, click here.  

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