PAMMS Risk Profiler enhances Councils’ ability to spot potential homecare failings

Date: 13th Nov 2017

Many consider the state-funded homecare market to be on the brink of collapse. A report by the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) back in March 2017 claimed that the “pace of provider failure is accelerating.” Figures researched by Opus for a BBC Panorama programme around the same time showed that of 2,581 UK care companies, a quarter were at risk of insolvency and 69 had shut in the past three months.

The LGiU report goes on to say that “Despite the occurrence of surprise closures, there are usually signs that a provider is on its way to no longer being able to sustain the business of care.” According to the report, some of the ‘signs of failure’ include missed visits, continuity of care, poorly timed visits and shortened visits.

At the NCAS conference in October, ADASS Past President, Ray James, advocated the need for Councils to be “more fixated on quality” and highlighted the importance of monitoring for failing Providers.  All this reinforces what a challenging time it is to be involved in delivering homecare, and Councils are increasingly turning to technology to provide them with greater business intelligence.

CM2000’s Provider Assessment and Market Management Solution (PAMMS) has just launched a ‘Risk Profiler’ to enable Councils to continuously monitor a wide range of real-time performance indicators. This includes local PAMMS ratings, CQC rating, Electronic Call Monitoring indicators (covering missed visits, continuity of care etc) and a Providers credit rating. This allows changes in performance to be picked up at an early stage reducing the risk of Provider failure.

PAMMS is already revolutionising Provider assessment and market management in the East of England, where the ADASS region worked with CM2000 to develop the solution. Now a number of London boroughs, led by Ealing, are adopting the solution to gain better market oversight and improve commissioning.

Rubina Ali, Contracts and Business Manager at Ealing Council said: “Ealing will get greater insight from the real-time electronic call monitoring information we collect from our homecare Providers by using PAMMS Risk Profiler to identify Providers who are at the greatest risk of failing, allowing our Contracts Management Team to intervene before problems occur.”

It’s not in anyone’s interest to allow Providers to fail. It causes distress to Service Users and Care Workers, as well as creating extra costs and workload for Council staff. Gaining as much information on an ongoing basis to reduce the risk of Provider failure is increasingly important.

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