Minister unveils new multiskilled HealthTech Advisory Board at Health and Innovation Expo 2018

Date: 17th Sep 2018

Reporting directly to the Secretary of State, the aim of the advisory board will be to:

“Highlight where change needs to happen, where best practice isn’t being followed, and be an ideas hub for how we transform the NHS to improve patient outcomes, patient experience, and to make the lives of NHS staff easier.” said Hancock.

The Health and Care Innovation Expo held at Manchester Central last week, saw 5,000 industry delegates collaborate at the highly significant annual event in the health and care calendar. It is a unique celebration of innovation, enterprise and collaboration, uniting NHS and care leaders, commissioners, clinicians, voluntary sector partners, innovators, private-sector media and many more.

The aim of the event is to make the case for change, renewal and improvement in the NHS and social care, and activate people to do something new and different when they return to their organisations or communities. The ultimate goal is to improve health and care delivery.

Speaking at the event, Hancock said:

“The culture change we need to see requires strong management and leadership. I’m determined to grow stronger leadership across the NHS. We should train more of our own, yes, and bring in more talent from the outside too who know how to inspire change. And we are starting this at the top. I am creating a HealthTech Advisory Board which I’m delighted will be chaired by Dr Ben Goldacre, reporting directly to me, consisting of tech experts, clinicians and academics, and, as in the case of Ben, people who combine that holy trinity 3 in 1.” 

Brian Brown, Director of ARMED attended the event and said:

“Listening to the key speakers gave a clear indication that there is the need for more decision support systems based on data, such as our ARMED solution. In his speech, the Secretary of State urged local healthcare leaders that now is the time to fully embrace digital transformation. He highlighted the issue of patients being given substandard care due to systems failing to communicate because of an inability to transfer patient data.”

CM2000’s ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling with innovative wearable technology, and health and social care data, providing a powerful tool to identify risks earlier in the care cycle, including risk of falling.

By combining pioneering predictive analytics modelling - developed in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University - with innovative wearable technology and Health and Social Care data, ARMED helps identify and predict those at risk of falling, as well as indicating other frailty indicators.

For more information about ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) to help predict those at risk of falling to enable faster support and better self-management, contact us on 
0121 308 3010 or 

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