Is PAMMS the future of provider assessment and market sharing?

Date: 16th Nov 2016

The Care Act set new duties for Councils to achieve quality-assured, sustainable, diverse care and support markets that meet the needs of local people. This is an enormous task when you’re dealing with thousands of Service Users and Providers.

Ben Chance is experienced in working with Local Authority Adult Social Care Departments to deliver technology which achieves efficiencies and enhanced quality. He’s recently been working closely with ADASS East Region on the development of PAMMS (Provider Assessment & Market Management Solution). Here he explains the background to this innovative project and how it is already delivering results. 

“ADASS East Region recognised that delivering effective market oversight and reducing provider failure would require regular, up-to-date intelligence from a variety of sources. They had a vision to bring together quality assessment data with other information that would identify risks and ultimately deliver a single real-time view of regional care provision, quality and capacity across regulated and non-regulated services.

CM2000 process over 3 million care visit logs every week which gives us an unprecedented view of care delivery in the UK. We have long believed in the value of big data and analytics so we were delighted to be successful in the tender exercise to develop PAMMS. 

Before ADASS East started working with us, assessment information was collected manually and kept on spreadsheets. The development of PAMMS has transformed the East Region’s approach to assessment and market managing, which they believe represents best practice in this area. Although it’s still early days, PAMMS is already bringing together data from the CQC, the 11 regional Councils within ADASS East, 2,000 Providers and 20,000 Service Users.

ADASS East Region is believed to be unique in the way they have established assessment methodology around a common set of regional standards under a single contract. This approach has allowed them to report on and benchmark service provision, both within localities as well as across the region, ensuring that ratings are truly comparative and that ‘good’ means ‘good’ regardless of the location, or service type assessed. 

PAMMS supports an approach and engagement with Providers that has already demonstrated a 10% improvement in Provider quality. It allows services to be monitored more effectively in the support of better commissioning and market oversight.

When specifying the system requirements, ADASS East wanted an interactive Provider Portal, a public facing website showing quality ratings as well as a wide range of market management, quality and risk dashboards. 

PAMMS provides all of this and also brings in real-time ratings data from the CQC. Altogether this delivers a powerful combination of performance data and intelligence. PAMMS also has built in ‘smoke detectors’ which identify risks at an early stage, especially important for hard to replace Providers. 

CM2000 has many years’ experience of gathering real-time care visit data so we were keen to ensure that where our system CallConfirmLive! is used, the option is available to include quality indicators such as reliability, continuity, timeliness, commissioning trends (including visit duration) and actual budget spend activity. However, this is the icing on the cake and PAMMS can be used regardless of what other systems Councils have in place. 

As someone close to the project I guess it’s inevitable that I am enthusiastic about its potential. However what was really refreshing was the level of interest shown when we unveiled PAMMS on CM2000’s stand at the NCAS conference in November. I spoke with Adult Social Services Directors and Commissioners who were really excited about its potential and thought it demonstrated genuine innovation. I am confident that PAMMS represents the future of Provider assessment and market shaping.”  

If you would like to know more or see PAMMS in action call Ben on 0121 308 3010 or email  

Written by:
Ben Chance, CM2000 Market Manager

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