CM provides safe and improved care delivery for Independence Matters

Date: 13th May 2019

Norfolk-based Independence Matters provide a wide range of support services for adults in the home and the community. Using CM’s scheduling, mobile visit monitoring and CMBI solutions they are benefiting from better use of staff time, greater understanding of demand and capacity and significant back-office efficiencies.

Here, we can share some insights into how CM’s care management solutions have improved the care delivery process:


Using CM’s technology has saved significant staff time – from preparing schedules to invoicing and reporting – everything is more efficient. Manual processes have been automated and accuracy improved.


Having real-time visibility and being able to see Support Worker availability means they can be much more responsive. They know when staff have arrived and left a customer which helps ensure visits aren’t missed.

Well informed

Business intelligence from CMBI means staff can make decisions based on accurate service delivery information. 

Communication on the move

Support Workers have real-time information about their schedules reducing the number of telephone calls or wasted visits if things change. Being able to see daily/weekly schedules in advance helps Support Workers plan their time.

Keeping Support Workers safe

Monitoring care delivery helps keep Support Workers safe too. Feedback has indicated that they feel reassured that their visits are tracked from beginning to the end – right through until they have safely returned home.

Watch the Video Case Study  

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