How do Providers benefit from use of ECM data?

Date: 20th Mar 2019

How do Providers benefit from use of ECM data?

H.A.S Technology Group commissioned some qualitative research to gain an understanding of the role of Electronic Care Monitoring (ECM) in today’s fragile market and to learn more about Councils’ current practices and changing needs. The final installment on our White Paper: Is Electronic Care Monitoring still relevant in today’s fragile care market? focuses on Providers and what benefits they can receive from using ECM data for safeguarding, data transparency and improved financial management.

The research was led by ADASS Associate Keith Skerman, who has a long track record of senior management experience in health and social care and an interest in ECM. Keith was commissioned by H.A.S. Technology to conduct face-to-face research interviews with seven Councils.

The study revealed that some Councils found that over time, the use of ECM encouraged Providers to use more of an ‘open book’ approach, so that travel time and other overhead factors could be reduced. Where Councils deployed finance modules with the ECM technology, Providers benefited through lower transaction costs, speedier invoicing and payments, and improved cash flow. ECM data also allowed better financial forecasting and reporting. Keeping Providers well-informed, and working closely with them at the implementation stage, meant they were more likely to achieve high-levels of system acceptance and compliance.

Furthermore, good technical support was deemed particularly important, especially where finance modules were being incorporated. The study shows that Providers who were involved in development of quality frameworks, were more likely to ensure compliance with commissioner requirements and use the data for their performance management.

Getting Providers on-board with the decision to implement ECM from the earliest opportunity is likely to positively impact the outcomes achieved. Including them in the decisions about contractual obligations helps to achieve the right balance of benefits for all parties, as does reviewing pay rates in conjunction with the use of ECM.


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