Gloucestershire County Council delivers £1 million per annum savings against supported living budget.

Date: 10th Jan 2017

With councils needing to make their 2018-19 budgets go further, now’s the time to be looking for savings. The 2017 ADASS budget survey revealed that ‘for the first time, pressures due to the increasing care needs of younger adults with disabilities or mental health problems are greater than those due to supporting older adults’.

In conjunction with its commissioning partners, the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (GCCG), they have saved over £1million per annum by implementing CM2000’s CallConfirmLive! Solution – a monitoring system designed for disability services (including mental health, physical and learning disabilities).

Monitoring systems have been used within domiciliary care for over a decade, but Gloucestershire is the first authority in the UK to extend the quality benefits and efficiency-savings to people with disabilities.

This has been possible due to system developments that reflect the complexities of supported living. The solution can monitor a range of different support types, including one-to-one support, shared support and waking nights.

The system now delivers both significant cashable savings of £1 million per annum by paying Providers for the actual support delivered and ensures that Clients are getting the right care at the right time by a consistent Support Worker.

CM2000 Maria Booth, CM2000’s Supported Living Lead said:

“The well-publicised strain on social care budgets across the country has led to extensive creative thinking by the Gloucestershire Commissioning Partnership, in particular the commissioning practices adopted for externally provided community support.”

She went on to say:

“With increased demand on public services and an already stretched and reducing budget, the Council and CCG had to find new ways to deliver ‘more for less’, so that an increased number of people could receive the support they need. By adopting CM2000’s CallConfirmLive! Solution, they have been able to achieve sustained cost savings within their Supported Living Budget. ”
Download the full case study here.

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