ECM supporting Local Authority Older Adults and Disability Services

Date: 20th Feb 2019

The next blog on our White Paper: Is Electronic Care Monitoring still relevant in today’s fragile care market? looks at how ECM can support local authority Disability services as well as Older Adults. During the face-to-face interviews with directors and other senior officials from seven different Councils, we have discovered many of the benefits about their experiences of using ECM.

Electronic Care Monitoring (ECM), empowers staff with real-time service delivery information, whilst generating significant savings and efficiencies. Deciding whether, and how to, monitor homecare service delivery appears to be driven by a number of factors. The study suggests that the benefits traditionally associated with older adults are now also being realised across disability services.

Keith Skerman is an ADASS Associate with a long record of senior management experience in health and social care and an interest in ECM. Keith led the H.A.S. Technology study and carried out the research interviews. Keith comments:  

“Speaking with senior colleagues reinforced the benefits of ECM technology in terms of safeguarding, supporting quality and delivering efficiencies. Whilst the benefits have traditionally been associated with older adult services, it was interesting to hear that deploying monitoring technology in disability services had achieved excellent results.”  

This was evidenced by two of the Councils in the study who had successfully implemented ECM across supported living schemes for those with learning, physical and other disabilities. One of these Councils saved an impressive £3.5m over 3 years whilst supporting more person-centred.

Up next: Ensuring Providers benefit from use of ECM data.


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