E-frailty project – supporting older people to live independently

Date: 16th Jan 2017

Social Work Scotland and long term partners CM2000 have come together to launch ground-breaking research and technology that could change the face of social care and health in Scotland.

Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection (ARMED) uses wearable technology including heart rate monitors and fitness based devices to measure an individuals levels of activity, sleep quality, hydration and weight loss – all of which can be indicators that a frail person is likely to fall. The technology is currently in pilot and is set to significantly reduce hospital admissions due to falls.

President of Social Work Scotland, Elaine Torrance said:

“The purpose of integrating health and social care services, is to improve the lives of people in Scotland. People don’t want to be in hospital any longer than they have to and so far our focus has been on making sure people can get back home as soon as they can.

“The research from CM2000, comes at it from a different and refreshing angle. Their wearable technology has the potential to pre-empt the fall or bout of illness that can put people in hospital in the first place. If we can predict that a person is likely to fall before they do, we can prevent the pain, anxiety and loss of confidence that comes from a fall, by getting support in fast.”

Brian Brown of CM2000 said:

“Our research is showing the huge potential of everyday wearable technology in keeping particularly, older people out of hospital. Our primary focus is the wellbeing of individuals who are at risk of a fall and we believe we are close to developing a system that can predict falls and keep people safe and well and at home.

“In Scotland, falls cost the NHS almost half a million pounds a day, not including the cost of supporting a person to return home. There is a huge difference to be made here.

CM2000 and Social Work Scotland are presenting the research and demonstrating wearable technology at an event at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 17th January at 6pm in the Members’ Room at the Scottish Parliament.

For more information about this project email: brian.brown@cm2000.co.uk

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