CQC report highlights variable quality care around the country

Date: 11th Oct 2017

The CQC’s 2016/17 report ‘The state of health care and adult social care in England’ is set against a backdrop of increasingly complex demands and significant underfunding.

Throughout the report it references the substantial variations in the quality of care that people are receiving – within and between services in the same sector, between different sectors and geographically.

Last year’s report concluded that health and social care services were reaching a tipping point and this latest report suggests that while, in some areas of the country, care has moved further away from a tipping point, in other areas it has moved closer to that point.   

Deterioration in some ratings is also a concerning issue. Overall figures for all adult social care services show that whilst many of those rated ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ did manage to improve their rating on re-inspection, when you look at those who received ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’ some of these have deteriorated (of 12 services originally rated as outstanding that have been re-inspected, 5 have deteriorated to requiring improvement).

All of this demonstrates the need for Councils to constantly monitor and benchmark Provider quality to enable changes and risks to be picked up at an early stage.

This is not the first time the CQC have highlighted significant regional variations in quality. A report issued in July presented regional performance and showed that the East of England had the best ratings in the country.

Interestingly the East of England is the first area to introduce regionally agreed assessment methodology. With a common set of regional standards under a single contract, Authorities in the East of England have a framework of Provider assessment and market oversight that allows them to collect, report and manage data across all social care services, giving a single view of quality across the region.

This commitment to delivering a quality-assured, sustainable care and support market led them to work with CM2000 to develop PAMMS (Provider Assessment & Market Management Solution).

PAMMS now brings together data from the CQC, the 11 Councils in the ADASS East region, 2,000 Providers and 20,000 Service Users, giving a single real-time view of quality and assessment data to support better commissioning. This has resulted in a 10% improvement in Provider quality.    

PAMMS is now being rolled out in other Councils around the country where it’s revolutionising Provider assessments, data sharing and market oversight. If you’re interested in replacing manual processes, enhancing assessments, increasing benchmarking and achieving a better real-time view of quality get in touch with Ben Chance on 0121 308 3010 or email ben.chance@cm2000.co.uk

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