CM2000 launch Outcomes White Paper to help Commissioners transform service delivery

Date: 20th Mar 2017

Focusing on outcomes-based commissioning has been part of health and social care policy for many years, but finding meaningful and workable ways of implementing this in practice is still challenging.   

Experts say that ‘there is a compelling logic that if homecare could be delivered in a more effective way, which rewarded Providers who delivered improved outcomes, then everyone would benefit.’ 

The current ‘time and task’ model is often criticised for increasing dependence on care services. However, it is difficult to deliver a customer-focused service without reference to time. When homecareusers are asked what is important to them, they want Care Workers to arrive on time and they want continuity of care.  Both of these can be monitored in real-time at the point of care delivery, whilst also collecting information on progress towards outcomes.   

CM2000’s new White Paper ‘Making outcomes-based commissioning a reality – helping Commissioners transform service delivery’ discusses solutions to the issues.   

It also explains the contribution our innovative Outcomes Assessment Platform can make by using a powerful combination of time / attendance data and progress towards outcomes, which ensures the right care is delivered at the right time. 

CM2000 are working with Councils across the UK, contributing ideas and solutions to their service re-design teams. The paper discusses the work we are doing in two London Boroughs where the Outcomes Assessment Platform is being implemented.

Mark Kennion, CM2000’s Commercial Director says “Our Outcomes Assessment Platform delivers comprehensive management information to evidence Service User improvement / deterioration. It gives valuable insight into service delivery, the impact of interventions and resource productivity which inform commissioning decisions. It also allows payment to be made on a blend of quantitative and quality / outcomes measures.”

As health and social care Providers continue to work towards delivering a more integrated service, CM2000’s Outcomes Assessment Platform is ideal for sharing real-time information between different agencies.

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