Care workers continue to share the magic of Christmas

Date: 20th Dec 2018

For thousands of older people, the 25th December can be just like any other day. They will still require the home visits from their care workers who, like the highly praised police, ambulance, hospital and firefighting services, will be working throughout the Christmas period.

It is estimated that a staggering 176,000 care workers in the UK will be working on Christmas Day, this is more than any other profession and one that is often overlooked. It is a key time of year for care workers, as they need to provide continuity of care via much needed routines and ensure a familiar happy face for the most vulnerable people in our communities. Care workers and managers will once again be there to make sure that people not only get the support they need, but also to help celebrate this special day with them too. Whether it’s getting someone ready to spend Christmas Day with loved ones, helping to ensure they have a tasty meal, or simply providing company for a few hours.

So, on Christmas Day, just before you tuck into your turkey or nut roast, take a moment to spare a thought for all the care workers (and all emergency service professionals) who are either on call, making visits, working or helping those in crisis or in need. Praise also goes to their families, who often spend the day without their loved ones because they are out there putting other’s needs before themselves.  

We thank you all!

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