CM electronic monitoring

Real-time visit monitoring for in-house / reablement services

Knowing the real-time whereabouts of community based staff so you can take action should visits start to be delivered late, or missed improves quality, safety and efficiency of homecare services.

Reablement and inhouse services find our Mobile Workforce Solution an ideal way of monitoring service delivery. Not only does this allow you to ensure services are delivered to the expected schedule, but there are opportunities to combine with outcomes recording to ensure the right care is delivered at the right time.

In addition to our monitoring solution, we offer an integrated scheduling solution designed specifically for the dynamic reablement environment where care needs are changing regularly. 

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CM2000 is evolving...

The social care market has evolved a lot over the last 20 years – and so has CM2000.

Our new website reflects our updated name and logo. Going forward we’ll be known as CM (which is how many people refer to us already).

Our brand promise ‘inspiring care excellence’ demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality, service and innovation.

As part of H.A.S Technology Group we give you access to a wide range of specialist solutions to meet the challenges facing health and social care.

We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the ways we can help your organisation.