“One word we associate with CM’s technology is SAFE – safe in the knowledge my customers are receiving the best possible service, delivered at the right time providing the right care and that my staff are safe while at work.”
North Tyneside Council

“The results to date demonstrate that moving to electronic monitoring was a positive investment and absolutely the right thing to do. Based on the progress so far we expect the benefits to continue to increase. We now have greater visibility of services to vulnerable people, Provider invoicing has been improved and we’re already generating savings and efficiencies.”  
Pembrokeshire County Council

“Monitoring has been an essential business tool and a worthy investment. I believe it’s been one of the top 5 contributing factors to the good reputation of our service, which has allowed us to expand to be the largest Provider in the area.”
Care in Hand

“Following the successful implementation of CM’s scheduling and MaxCare optimisation tool we have been able to provide services to more people. Better use of capacity has enabled us to increase the number of visits by 13% per week. That’s allowed us to support 14% more Service Users every month.”
Bolton Council

“I like being able to see in advance what my schedule is, even when changes are made last minute. I also feel secure in that I know that someone is tracking that I have arrived at a customer but better still that I have left and arrived home safely.”
Support Worker, Independence Matters, Norfolk

“CM’s system helps us to remain efficient in the scheduling of vital services, saving valuable co-ordinator time which can then be used elsewhere improving our service delivery to our vulnerable citizens.”
Stoke City Council

“Knowing Care Workers have arrived and left visits on time helps us ensure a high level of service to those being cared for.” 
Radis Group

“Before implementing CM’s electronic monitoring we had no real-time information on service delivery. We just had to hope everything was ok. Now I can’t imagine running the service without this intelligence.”
Inverclyde Council

“CM helped us to streamline and transform our service at scale and pace, which enhanced service delivery and improved the citizens experience.”
Manchester City Council

“Empowering Care Workers with real-time information about changes during their shift has been a significant benefit.”
MRL Healthcare

“The CM system is invaluable – I don’t know how we ever managed without it.”
STEPS, Cornwall Council

“CM’s solution now delivers significant cashable savings of up to £1 million per annum. The Council and Clinical Commissioning Group believe electronic monitoring will continue to generate long-term savings.”  
Gloucestershire County Council (Disability Services)

“A key benefit of using electronic monitoring is that we can see the bigger picture and it’s easier to manage what is actually happening with the different types of service delivery.  CM’s solution verifies the care delivered and provides complete transparency.”
Brandon Trust

“When you implement electronic monitoring you know what you are hoping to achieve in terms of financial savings and improved service quality, but the results are still surprising.”
Aberdeen City Council

“The successful implementation of CM’s Electronic Care Monitoring in Wolverhampton gave us a Return on Investment factor of 4:1”
Wolverhampton City Council

“We have worked with CM for over 10 years now and have always received high levels of customer service. We believe them to be a forward-thinking supplier who understands the needs of the care market. CallConfirmLive! is the cornerstone of our operational and financial activity now and into the future.”
Sandwell Community Care Trust (SCCT)

“CMs solutions allow us to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time. We have a wealth of management information at the touch of a button.”
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

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