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 Care Quality Assessment


Quality Assessment

Getting feedback from Service Users and their circle of support is fundamental in achieving a complete view of service quality.  We can help you get 360 degree feedback by efficiently collecting views on care quality from Service Users’ friends, family, GP, Social Worker, and any other stakeholders through our automated survey engine and analytics.

Talk to us about Quality Compass, our easy-to-use online assessment tool that enables you to create and distribute customised questionnaires quickly and efficiently. With Quality Compass you can:

  • drive up quality - feedback from the Quality Compass gives you the ability to take a proactive approach to care quality concerns
  • ensure safer services - the Quality Compass survey responses are monitored in real-time so you can act fast on safeguarding concerns 
  • get better value for money - using the Quality Compass means you can reach more people, more often, to get essential feedback on the services you provide or commission.

To discuss your Quality Assessment requirements or to request a copy of our brochure, please call 0121 308 3010 or email

“Using Quality Compass, the Council can regularly get feedback about all the services it commissions with low administrative requirements. It has also been incredibly easy and cost effective to scale up the Quality Compass to our increasing needs, with expansions planned to areas of delivery such as older person’s services and children’s services”.

Commissioner for Learning Disabilities, Gloucestershire County Council