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CallConfirmLive! is the award winning, supplier hosted software application at the heart of all CM2000’s services.

Developed specifically for Health and Social Care, the system features the latest electronic call monitoring, electronic scheduling and financial management tools and is proven to bring significant cashable savings and administrative efficiencies, as well as increased quality and safeguarding for Care Workers and Service Users. The care monitoring and care management system is accessible via the Internet in real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CallConfirmLive! is highly configurable and interfaces with all major care management, care monitoring, finance and electronic scheduling systems. Customers receive:

  • free technical and user helpdesk support

  • free quarterly service upgrades

  • full business analysis at implementation

  • PRINCE2 project management

  • comprehensive training.

CallConfirmLive! is used by 70 Councils in more than 96 Local Authority areas and over 1,000 Independent Providers. CM2000 services have been purchased by more Councils than any other solution offered through the ESPO Framework.


Care Visit Recording

CM2000 provides a range of mobile and landline electronic call monitoring solutions.

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Market Management

Discover a new way of market shaping and quality assessment with our Provider Assessment and Market Management solution.

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Management Information Reporting

Discover more about our web-based business intelligence tool that gives you the power to analyse all your care delivery information at the touch of a button 


Get 360 degree feedback by efficiently collecting views on care quality through our automated survey engine and analytics.

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CM2000 has over 15 years’ experience in specifying, implementing and supporting care monitoring.

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Electronic Scheduling

CallConfirmLive! features a fully integrated electronic scheduling system designed specifically for Council in-house and integrated health and social care services.

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Outcomes Commissioning

Supporting Councils on their outcomes journey for over 5 years.

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Financial Management

CallConfirmLive! Finance Manager is a unique and powerful tool for automating and managing provider payments and Service User billing.

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Preventative Healthcare

Innovative technology for prevention, early intervention and better self-management

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Discover how CM2000’s secure web portals advocate safe and easy information sharing.