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Meet the London Region ’PAMMS’ Pioneers

Back in November, Ben Chance, talked about the innovative Provider Assessment and Market Manager Solution (PAMMS) that has been developed in conjunction with ADASS East. Having been successfully adopted by the 11 Local Authorities that make up the ADASS East Region, Ben is delighted to announce that the second PAMMS environment is now available for Local Authorities in the ADASS Greater London Region.  As an advocate of the solution, Ben is quick to explain how PAMMS provides a wide range of performance data and intelligence based on information from multiple sources.   

London Borough of Ealing have already signed up to the new PAMMS environment. Ben spoke frankly with Rubina Ali, Contracts & Business Manager at Ealing Council about how the solution is set to help them. 

“PAMMS supports London Borough of Ealing to meet our duties under the Care Act, giving us a single assessment platform so that our Contracts Management Team can assess and rate Providers based on the ADASS East Region’s tried and tested assessment methodology. We believe PAMMS has multiple benefits – it gives a real time view of assessment and quality data, will support the contract monitoring process and show us how Providers perform in relation to their most recent CQC rating.” 

Like the Authorities in ADASS East, Ealing Council were collecting assessment information manually and keeping it on spreadsheets. Rubina continues “By using technology to replace our current manual process, Ealing hope to enhance our assessments.”

With the well-publicised pressure on public services and a need to evidence quality and value for local citizens, Rubina says “PAMMS will allow us to monitor the effectiveness of our action planning process to ensure we are targeting our resources where they are needed the most.”

PAMMS can be used regardless of what other systems Councils have in place. Councils, like Ealing, that currently use CM2000’s CallConfirmLive! can include quality indicators such as reliability, continuity, timeliness, duration, commissioning trends and actual budget spend activity. Rubina explains “Ealing will get greater insight from the real-time Electronic Call Monitoring information we collect from our Home Care Providers by using the PAMMS Risk Profiler to identify Providers who are at greatest risk of failing, allowing our Contract Management Team to intervene before problems occur.” 

The ability of PAMMS to share assessment and quality data is particularly beneficial in London where Providers regularly work for multiple Councils. The East region have achieved a single view of quality across the region ensuring that the quality ratings given to Providers are truly comparative and that ‘good’ means ‘good’ regardless of the location, or service type assessed. Rubina is an advocate of the London PAMMS environment saying, “Ealing would encourage uptake of PAMMS by other London Boroughs to increase the sharing and benchmarking of quality data, whilst achieving efficiencies in the assessment process for Providers who work across numerous Boroughs.”
Whether your Local Authority is based in London, or other parts of the country, PAMMS can help you move to a new way of market shaping and quality assessment. 

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with Ben on 0121 308 3010 or

Written by:
Ben Chance, CM2000 Market Manager
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